VM Online for large-scale property valuation

VM Online is the leading tool in Australia and New Zealand to accurately and fairly obtain property values.

VM Online provides government land rating authorities with a powerful, robust tool for mass valuation of diverse property markets. Combine multiple sources of property data from any government system into a single, securely hosted platform which can seamlessly update in real time.

When using VM Online, you can be sure that compliance with ever-changing regulations and standards are met. Produce reports in a consistent, specified format endorsed by regulators, reducing the complexity of audits and the likelihood of rejection.

Powerful modelling and analytical capabilities, supported by mobile and mapping technology, ensure fair and accurate valuations are always produced. VM Online allows you to retain control over your data and modelling, helping encourage a competitive landscape for valuation service supply contracts.

VM Online has been designed and is supported by valuation professionals and is backed by the experience of IDS, one of Australia’s leading providers of property data and analytics solutions.