The Future of Property Valuations

Residential AVMs

Existing algorithms lack accuracy because they were not built in Australia for Australia. IDS has built an Australian model and is looking to improve it with additional data.

AVM Suite

Beyond residential AVMs, IDS has Rental AVMs, a Forecast AVM, and Indices to provide a full suite of property analytics which can be consumed through APIs.

VM Online

The leading platform for management and calculation of mass valuations in Australia and New Zealand. Efficient, accurate, auditable mass valuations in full compliance with legislative requirements.

Our Market

Property professionals, lenders, brokers and consumers, seeking to understand the value of their property in the context of sale, purchase, refinance, renovation and other financing decisions.

Make Better Property Decisions

Our next generation property technology helps you and your customers make faster, more accurate property decisions.

Property is the largest Australian asset class

  • Property is worth over $7 Trillion, making it our largest asset class and almost 4 times bigger than the combined value of the ASX
  • Australian residential property is worth 4 times the country's $1.58 Trillion GDP. This is higher than anywhere else in the world.
  • 77% of property transactions occur on the eastern seaboard.
  • Over half of all residential loans (57%) are now originated through broker channels.
  • Intense competition between lenders necessitates technologies that can accelerate loan approval to take prospects ‘off the market'.
  • 1.1 million changes are made to land titles per annum.
  • More than 60% of mortgage applications are for refinancing purpose.
  • Over 1 million ‘full valuations’ are performed p.a., with a similar number of AVM valuations being performed.

Our Team

Our team have been working in the industry for more than 20 years, developing industry first and unique solutions. Our business philosophy has always been be nimble, be better and ALWAYS be reliable. We design, develop, and support our products in-house for a superior customer experience.

Whether you need help deciding which valuation methodology will work best for your needs, or have a question about one of our solutions... just call us on +61 2 7903 7800

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Why Choose Us

Insight Data Solutions brings a fresh approach to the supplier/customer dynamic that focuses on flexibility, transparency and integrity, in both service and relationships.

We believe in working with our clients to deliver a customised solution that enables long term value for all parties. Our team has the skills and resources to realise your vision. IDS’s key personnel are valuation, finance & risk, technology and outsourcing experts with deep experience in mortgage lending, analytics, and product delivery.

Through our unique partnerships we have access to the most current and rich sales and attribute data enabling us to identify the latest trends and risk information. We are continuing to discover new datasets that enhance our offerings and deliver client-focused solutions.

We use the latest property data to power the innovative solutions we have developed from inception, incorporating the latest web standards, APIs and mobile technologies.