About us

Australia's newest entrant in the property market

IDS is Australia's newest and most innovative way to access rich property information. Leveraging the latest web and mobile technologies, together with strategic alliances, IDS unleashes real-time property analytics developed by professionals for professionals.

With access to the data assets of Australia's leading real estate providers, coupled with industry standard government and public available data, IDS launches with a unique database of property information that will rapidly become Australia's authoritative source.

Whether you are a property, finance, valuation or insurance professional, IDS will become an indispensable partner that powers your business. Consumers will also have access to our solutions through our many channels, distributing property insights in an a way that redefines transparency.

IDS is a company focused on providing high value solutions that address key challenges facing the Australian property, lending, valuation and insurance market. Founded by industry experts with a wealth of experience, high-level client networks, and deep domain knowledge of industry challenges, IDS is well placed to deliver the next generation of property data solutions.

By focusing on specific industry pain points affecting broad segments of the market, whether commercial or technical in nature, IDS leverages its knowledge, networks and experience to deliver superior solutions while maintaining the widest possible market accessibility. IDS will transform the complex property valuation industry, improving customer turn around times, compliance and operational efficiency.

Accuracy, Integrity... Insight