A unique set of partnerships with the most comprehensive property information in Australia

Key Data Points

Contracts of Sale

Although sometimes lagging in time by 3 months, contract sales are a trusted source of data, which provides confirmation of a property sale date and price.

Listings Data and Agent Advices

Agent advised sales result are a more current data point to identify current market trends. Listings are a strong source of attribute data, which fuels our hedonic models.

GNAF National Property Data

Regarded as the most trusted source of property addresses in Australia, this dataset provides historical and current address changes.

Working with leading data partners

IDS’s product offerings are fueled by its national property information database and the value added services which have been created from it. IDS has focused on several marquee solutions to introduce itself to Australia's finance industry.

With access to the data assets of leading real estate groups, coupled with industry standard government and publicly available data, IDS launches with a unique database of property information that will rapidly become an authoritative source.

Domain Group

A market leader in the property information and listings portal market, Domain supply property information and sales data for all Australian States and Territories, augmented above the standard government sources.

Data Republic

Data Republic’s platform delivers an all-in-one governance solution for organisations to store, categorise, and share data, while maintaining strict governance and auditing frameworks. IDS is working with Data Republic to develop innovative solutions for our mutual customers.